The cleaning of professional premises is much more delicate than it requires the intervention of real professionals.  In a museum, for example, the objects are so valuable that they require special treatment to enhance their value. Here is how to do it.

Technique to clean the floors

Moisture is the main cause of deterioration of interior objects. The conditions of stability of the environment of the room is very important, because in a too dry environment, organic materials lose their natural moisture, too wet mold infiltrates. As far as the floor is concerned, vacuuming remains the best option. Indeed, even if it requires great agility and caution, vacuuming the dust presents the least possible danger to deteriorate the goods. But wet cleaning is not to be excluded either, as it prevents the dust from flying away and landing on high objects. With the help of a bucket or a cart, it is done manually and therefore with more precision.

Tips for taking care of valuable objects

A museum is a privileged place where old objects with priceless historical values are placed under cover. In order not to deteriorate them quickly, however, they need frequent maintenance and cleaning. The cleaning technique for museums is based on three points: knowing which cleaning technique to use depending on the situation, using the right products and being aware of all the professional risks to carry out the task. Given the value of these objects, the cleaner must be in a position to provide suitable products that do not damage the materials from which they were built. Sometimes they even need to be moved to specialized locations, and this job requires a lot of experience.

Some important points!

Showcases and windows are easier to clean if the objects are not nearby. You need the usual tools to do it well. Dust is an abrasive body, so it is important to prevent it from settling on the artworks for a long time. Bio-cleaning, on the other hand, is very useful in museums because it allows the removal of micro-organisms that persist even after cleaning. In this case, disinfectants are sometimes used, but they will not deteriorate the quality of the objects. In short, the cleaning of a museum requires a lot of know-how, a great respect for the values and especially good materials.