The periodic maintenance of work spaces brings well-being to employees. To do so, it is necessary to choose the best cleaning products. How to choose them? The following explanations can help you.

Buy a product for each surface

Most offices are equipped with wooden furniture. Therefore, you should invest in the right products for their maintenance. Opt for a special wood care product that can be used to clean, polish or wax the different wood surfaces. Also, make sure that the product has some fragrance. If you want to save time, it is advisable to choose multi-surface cleaning products. As the name suggests, you can use them anywhere and on any surface. You will also save money on these types of cleaning products. Find some examples on the following website:

The different types of cleaning products

A cleaning product is not always suitable for all types of use. Indeed, we can classify cleaning products in 6 categories. Firstly, there are detergents, which are products designed to remove grease and dirt. Nevertheless, they do not contain antibacterial agents. Secondly, there are abrasive products that contain both detergent and abrasive elements. Thirdly, you can use disinfectants after cleaning. Please note that the effectiveness of disinfectants depends on the compliance with the conditions of use. Fourthly, the use of so-called detergent-disinfectant saves time. As can be seen from its name, this type of cleaning product has a double property. Secondly, it is necessary to descale every month. To do this, use a descaler with a pH between 1 and 4. Finally, apply protective products to the floor to limit the frequency of cleaning.

Why not opt for ecological products?

Preserving the environment is nowadays at the heart of everyone's concerns. Many cleaning products contain chemical elements that can have a major impact on the planet. To make it simple, opt for products with the NF Environnement, Ecocert, Ecolabel, etc. label. The use of ecological products also offers an eco-responsible image to your company. However, they cost a little more, because the elements used for their manufacture are all natural materials. In short, how to choose cleaning products? All the elements to take into consideration have been discussed to help you.