Nothing is more unpleasant than a dirty floor. And yet, cleaning it can be a real challenge without the help of adequate products and materials. For the daily maintenance of your company floors (tiles, parquet, laminate, vinyl, cork, cast floors, etc.), there is a wide variety of cleaning products suitable for each type. It is important to know how to choose them properly. To help you, here is a short guide to the different types of products for cleaning business floors.

Tile cleaner

As a reminder, tile is one of the most commonly used floor coverings in buildings. It is also very present on the floor of companies. To clean this tile, surface technicians usually don't need to use any special products. A mixture of clean water and dishwashing liquid or detergent can do the trick. However, be sure to check for hydrofluoric acid in these products. This chemical element can deteriorate the quality of your tiles. When your floor shows marks, you can use stain removal products. On the site, you can find a wide range of products for business cleaning.

Product to clean your company floor

Apparently, a good vacuuming is not enough to clean a parquet floor. To keep it shiny and beautiful, it needs to be cleaned daily. The choice of method and floor care product will depend on the type of floor you have installed. For a sealed floor, use a damp mop and a little white vinegar diluted in water. To clean a waxed floor, use linseed oil. Pour a few drops on stubborn stains and wipe over with a damp microfiber broom. Finally, for a solid wood floor, which is particularly fragile, it is best to use black soap and a soft brush.

Maintenance of a waxed concrete floor or poured floor

This type of floor is generally found in basements, warehouses and industrial areas. This type of flooring is not difficult to clean. Since it is not particularly fragile, it can be cleaned with a low-foaming detergent and a mop. There is no need to look for a particular floor cleaning product. However, to keep its initial quality and shine, your poured floor should be washed regularly with a sponge mop soaked in warm water mixed with a little black soap.