A company produces approximately thousands of tons of waste per year. In order to preserve the environment and reduce waste treatment costs, it is imperative to properly establish waste management. Easier said than done, waste organization requires several phases. In order to successfully manage waste, nothing should be left to chance. Here are 5 waste management tips.

The essential step to facilitate waste management: inventory

Before implementing a waste management strategy for your company, an inventory or diagnosis is necessary. This first step is to better understand the specific needs of the establishment and to establish a good action plan. During the inventory, 5 elements must be identified: sources, volumes, nature and categories of waste. The nature of the waste is classified by the activity of each company. There are non-hazardous industrial wastes such as textiles and paper. For a company specialized in the manufacture of explosives, chemical products, their waste is classified as hazardous and toxic waste. There are also inert and final wastes.

Better sorting, storing and collecting your waste

Once the inventory is completed, organize the selective sorting. This is a very important step in order to comply with the regulations. It is one of the waste management tricks allowing to give a second life to waste or to apply the 3R principle: reuse, recycle and reduce. Sorting is done by category. To sort your waste properly, you can set up a sorting center. In order to store your waste, it is necessary to invest in sorting bins. These bins must be provided with a logo or colored according to the category of waste. The meaning of the colors or logos must be communicated to the staff. This helps to avoid mixing waste of different types or sources. For the collection of waste in your company, you can ask for the intervention of a private or public service provider according to your budget.

Put a team on the follow-up of the company's waste

For a good management of the waste of the company, dedicate a team which inquires about the destination and the follow-up of the waste. It also implements approaches and new strategies to reduce waste. The raw materials used within the company must be validated by this team. For an impeccable work, the team must be formed by people concerned about the environment. By having this structure in your company, you distinguish yourself from other establishments.