For companies, professionals are usually needed to clean the office. This service allows you to enjoy a healthy work space in compliance with the rules of hygiene. However, in order to establish an accurate budget, you must also be able to estimate the cost. For this reason, cleaning estimates are necessary to better determine the rate based on the needs. This clean estimate takes into account many parameters that can affect the price.

Different ways to define the rates

Real estate cleaning companies can present you with their cleaning estimates in several forms: by flat rate, by hour or by square meter, or even by customized estimate. As far as flat rate pricing is concerned, there are very few flat rate contracts and it is reserved for very "basic" services (cleaning of green spaces of X m² or individual offices, maintenance of garages, etc.). The cleaning service provider can charge by the hour or by the square meter. However, each type of site is different, and it is difficult for cleaning companies to determine the cost per square meter or per hour, because it depends on several factors: the type of site, the presence of specific materials, the nature of the soil. And as for the estimate personalized cleaning company, this estimate will be determined according to the precise criteria that you indicate to the provider.

An advanced sector in terms of cost breakdown

For "large" contracts (large area to be cleaned, specific restrictions, etc.), the price of maintenance services is calculated after studying precise data (specifications) or even visiting your home. You can make a specification including the service table: the type of room to be cleaned, the type of floor used, the range of the surface, the period of passage... If necessary, the service provider can come to your premises. The cleaning company will provide you with a price list, which details the cost of labor, consumables (cleaning products), equipment, etc. Please note that professional cleaning is a highly competitive industry in which most suppliers tend to adjust to the same price list. Therefore, you can choose based on other criteria than price: quality control methods, performance of internal audits, enforcement of "fines" if targets are not met...

Elements to take into account in the cost

The type of contract, a parameter that affects the cleaning offer. Given the frequency of cleaning, it seems more advantageous to choose quarterly or annual contracts. However, the cleaning company quote can also be linked to a one-time contract, which expands the company's range of options, especially when the cleaning demand is not high. For prices based on square meter, it depends on the type of floor to be cleaned, as well as the complexity of the task to be performed. The cost is also related to the size of the house. The larger the area, the higher the price paid. Fortunately, cleaning companies have become accustomed to offering small discounts based on total square footage. The cleaning company's hourly rate also varies depending on the type of service provided, its quality and the frequency of cleaning. Indeed, cleaning windows, carpets, toilets or floors does not necessarily correspond to the same price. This can be explained by the difficulty of the task, the time invested and the materials used.