Getting started in gardening is certainly not an easy task. For this, it is recommended to have all the basic garden tools. Indeed, having a complete set of tools is synonymous with successful garden maintenance. Each tool and piece of equipment has a specific role to play. Do you want to maintain your company's gardens? Discover through this article a list of essential equipment for this kind of operation.

How to choose a garden tool?

Before getting started, it is best to consider a few important criteria. Note that the choice of your tools is made according to the work you want to do in your garden. In addition to that, you should also choose equipment that is robust and durable. This will avoid having to replace your tools every time. Without forgetting the essential criterion: the price of your tools. This criterion depends on their resistance. So, before buying your equipment, consider your budget and your needs first.

Essential tools and equipment for maintenance

To maintain your green space, it would be wise to have garden maintenance equipment. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting such an operation, you must have a rake, a shovel, a spade and a lawn tractor. The latter seems to be the most important for effective maintenance. Since this equipment is fast, it is able to cut the grass in a fairly short time. In addition to this basic equipment, you should also have pruning shears, a watering can for manual watering of plants and a wheelbarrow for easy movement of heavy loads. Not to mention a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

How to properly maintain your company's gardens?

The maintenance of a personal vegetable garden and a company garden is not at all identical. Each garden has its own maintenance. And to each plant its own interventions. For a satisfactory result, it is best to do this in winter and during the good weather. The maintenance of the company garden consists in eliminating weeds and pruning the herbs to keep. It should be noted that trees, shrubs and grass are not maintained in the same way. As for the pruning, it is a delicate operation that requires a particular skill.