Individuals who do not have the time to take care of their garden and green spaces themselves can ask for a quote from a landscaper to find out the cost of a garden maintenance intervention. Having your green spaces maintained by a professional has a cost and it is wise to compare offers.

Rates vary depending on the landscaper

To call upon a gardening professional, it is advisable to draw up an outdoor maintenance estimate beforehand, which gives a figure for each gardening activity: mowing, cleaning of green spaces, pruning, waste removal, etc. For example, the price of a lawn mowing is calculated according to the number of m² to be mowed. To get an idea of this price, count on average 0.50 euro per m². This price varies according to the configuration of the garden, sloping or the presence of many obstacles which increase the working time. If you wish to include cleaning and weeding of green spaces, pruning work, an outdoor maintenance bill will rise very quickly. Another service that increases costs is the removal of green waste, which varies according to the quantity and the distance from the waste disposal center. The cutting down of a tree is a service that will be subject to an additional charge.

Estimate the cost of a landscaping service

Before hiring a gardening professional, landscaper or gardening craftsman, it is advisable to get an estimate for exterior maintenance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, the rates for gardening work vary greatly depending on the professionals and it is advisable to get several estimates for exterior maintenance to compare the prices of the services. The hourly rate of a professional gardener or landscaper is between 25 and 35 euros per hour, or even more if you use a reputable landscaping company. Nevertheless, it is important to know that most gardening professionals offer a subscription rate calculated according to the size and services required to maintain the garden. This formula is interesting because it allows you to benefit from a better price, to ensure regular maintenance and to enjoy a beautiful garden without having to plan it.

Contact a gardener directly

Today, many individuals offer to maintain a garden at a lower cost than a gardening company. Whatever your choice, it is always advisable to get an estimate for outdoor maintenance which mentions precisely the tasks to be accomplished. This type of service from one person to another is less expensive and costs between 15 and 25 euros per hour. In this case, the private employer must provide the necessary gardening equipment to perform the garden maintenance work safely.